Dr. Feel Good
Jun 15, 2001
I just watched the 2nd 125 moto @ Washougal. When Brown's bike walked past Ward's 250F uphill , I thought it was odd. On the straightaway, shortly thereafter, Ward's bike was billowing out blue smoke. Bailey said, "I guess it's a little overflow, or something."

Gee, out of all the motors I've overhauled, with my first smallblock Chevy in 7th grade, I can't recall the term "overflow", and have never seen a 4 stroke billow blue smoke without there being something seriously wrong. Recalling that his mechanic said his first moto results were terrible (bike was underpowered) because his airbox had a hole in it....???, something's fishy here.

He had to have smoked some valves, seized a valve in a guide, or...Something serious happened.

What was the fallout here? Anybody hear anything about this? I'll bet Yamaha's keeping it quiet, for good reasons. :think


Feb 10, 2001
I don't know what it was, but I caught it way before them when I realized when there were no 2 strokes in front of Brown and Langston. It couldn't have been overflow. If it was that mechanic must have put about 6 quarts of oil in b/c it was smokin' the whole moto. If it was oil related and not overflow, That bike probably had no oil left when it crossed the line. As for the airbox, they're carbon-fiber and probably not the strongest thing in the world. IMO a rock or something must have hit it. (Really Hard!)


Mar 27, 2000
During the post race interview they mentioned that Larry had oil all over his bike, goggles and jersey. I have no clue as to what would cause this but he does weigh more than the other 125 riders. In turn he has to push the bike that much harder.


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Oct 23, 2000
I was standing right next to Ward's pits when he rolled in . . . the bike spat and popped just as he shut it off and that was the end of it. He was not smiling at all. I think he's running the DSP carbon fiber airbox, isn't he? I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.


Jul 21, 2001
Mike Brown had that uphill dialed, he was walkin away from everybody up that thing. He was the only guy leaning that far back going up it. His front tire was off the ground almost all the way up the hill everytime.

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