Sep 6, 2003
I'm working on a friends TT-R 90, and I know that this is probably a really stupid question, but I cant figure out which screw is which on the carb. Also what should the screws be set at, and how can I get it to idle correctly?
thanks a bunch...im a newbie


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Nov 27, 2001
well i don't work on the ttr's often but usually the idle adjustment is usually the larger knurled knob in the center of the carb. sometimes angled upward a little. the air fuel mixture is often small and either onthe far right or far left of the carb.
how to make it idle better is a tough one. It could have a burnt valve causing your problem or something as simple as a clogged pilot jet. What have you done so far?

Starting with removing the carb, removing the jets and carefully cleaning them with carb cleaner is a good start. If the problems started after it had been stored for a while I would for sure start there...then get back with us and we can lead you better. I for sure would not jack with any adjustments until the carb had been cleaned.
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