May 21, 2007
Hi everyone im 24 years old and I live in the state of West Virginia. I love riding dirt bikes and currently own a Suzuki RM125cc. An im in the middle of looking at 450cc 4 strokes which will be the next bike I buy ( Well Maybe )

You see my problem is the town I live in. There is one place ride in my town. An one cop will tell you that you can ride there and the next cop bust you for riding there.

I really don't see the reason to have motocross bike when there is no one to ride with. An there is no where to ride except for a few hours west. All my buddies have gotten street bikes now cause it's the only way to ride motorcycles.

There really is no reason for me to have or buy a motocrosser. I don't even know why I still have the one I got. Every time I even pull it outside to clean it the neighbors come out of there houses and the cops are there with in 5 min. The cops drive by every 30sec's and give me dirty looks and so do the neighbors.

Im so sick of this and can't stand it anymore. I just want to sell my bike and forget about riding altogether.


Today's Tom Sawyer
Damn Yankees
Aug 24, 2000
Let's get this straight. You are going to quit the sport because you have to drive a couple hours? Oh, the horror! I can't even imagine what it's like to drive a couple of hours just to go riding. ALL of us have a track right out our back door!

I have been driving between two and six hours all my life to ride. Sometimes even more when I hit bad traffic in NYC. (What was that one, PK, about 9 or 10 hours?) We drive an hour or so to go to a couple of places in MA, and are going to drive about 5 and a half hours to a group ride in PA in a few weeks.

If you love to ride, you will drive.

Try joining or starting a group of riders and see if you can find some land to ride on. I was in on that kind of thing back when all of our areas in Iowa were getting closed down. Now they have several places for both trail riding and MX.

Don't quit, make a difference, make it happen.


Oct 19, 2006
Just take satisfaction in the fact that your neighbors are miserable people who hate their lives and have nothing better to do than call the cops on anybody who is actually happy and having fun. If I were you, I would just leave the dirt bike in the driveway every day (chained down so they can't steal it) and let the neighbors call the cops every day until the cops stop responding to the neighbor's calls. Don't start the bike, don't ride it, don't make noise, and keep the registration current. You won't be breaking any laws and you won't be disturbing any peace. Just quietly protest. After a while, the cops will stop coming. Unless, is there anybody else in the neighborhood who tears up the street?


May 4, 2004
motometal said:
you need a dual sport bike and a motorcycle license.

Yep, Baja Designs has what you need!

Steve St.Laurent

Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 6, 2006
I made my CR250 fully street legal for about $200 - . I wouldn't want to ride all day on it but to just shoot up the road to a riding area it would work great. I use it to run on trails that require you to be street legal and to ride from camp to the trail, small road sections to connect trails, etc.

2-Strokes 4-ever

Feb 9, 2005
Motorcycles are good.........I like motocrossers, woods bikes, trials bikes, flat trackers, speedway bikes, hill climbers, sportbikes, em all! I even like crashing.
Just don't ride a dirtbike that's obviously not street legal on the road, or blast around in your driveway, or near people's homes for that matter....... I wouldn't like it. It looks irresponsible, (it is) and the public will assume we're ALL oblivious to others. Wish it weren't so.......but in fact, it is.
Thank you


Apr 8, 2005
You live in West Virginia and you can't find anywhere to ride except a few hours west? :whoa: You can cross the whole state in 5 hours - and that's only because there's no direct way across.

Which city? It's not like there are any real cities in W.V. Metro Charleston is only 70,000 people - and there's an MX track only 15-20 minutes from downtown.

If I had to guess, I'd say that you either don't have many friends who ride or you're not looking very hard.

Try here - sign up and then go to the forums:


Roosta's Princess
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Mar 28, 2003
Rooster said:
ALL of us have a track right out our back door!

We do?! I must've missed that... :think:

Don't give up - we need as many people on our side as possible. If we want to continue to ride our dirtbikes we need to continue to fight for places to ride. If everyone gave up, dirt biking would be a complete thing of the past - we don't want that do we?

Isn't Hatfield McCoy in West Virginia? It is: Try that - from what I hear it's good riding.
May 23, 2007
Rooster said:
ALL of us have a track right out our back door!
Thats my only track.. although i've only had my bike a week and haven't ridden it yet, I've already gotten permission from my neighbors to ride in their yards. Of course where i live a yard isn't a yard. its more of a field. But get up some friends and buddies from near your area see if theres some land out in the country which is closer than where your driving to, and see if you can get your governor to help. I was/am a boy scout and our main thing is getting the Eagle Badge. To do that you have to make a big project and write a big paper to the governor to persuade him to do whatever your project is. So write a paper to him on why its important to you and your friends that you have a moto track. Its worth a try rather than quitting


Feb 23, 2004
If its something that you love I wouldn't give up so easily. I've had local places to ride come and go. Talk to people in your area that ride or own land. After selling some land I owned we didn't have place to ride locally for a few years. We were talking with some of my Dads friends and they agreed to let us ride on the land they lease for hunting. So exhaust all your options before you give up the sport for good.


Mar 30, 2006
Wow I feel pretty lucky, theres 3 spots to rider here that are under 20 mins away. All fairly big mountains and trails and stuff. Another spot 1 hour away, and a track and tons more trails an hour and 45 mins away.
May 23, 2007
i have one. about 20 mins away. A rich friend of mine, who has his own track, has one about 10 mins away and there are trails everywhere in my old community (about 5 mins away). Since everything was within a mile away everyone made 4wheeler and dirt bike trails to get there "legaly" without going on the road. but in little turkey creek, no one cared anyway. :nener:


Sep 3, 2001
have you talked to your neighbors? let them get to know you. You are not the devil. Don't bring up the dirt bike thing at all until you have gotten to know each other a bit.

I admit I fall into the same closed minded trap your neighbors have...meaning "that guy in the brown house with the ugly camper in his yard"....if I don't go meet the guy, after a while that becomes his identity....the ugly camper guy. While I'm smart enough to know there is more to people than this, I may become resentful about something they are doing or they way their property looks, and I don't give them a chance. I acknowledge this is not fair, but suspect your neighbor is the same are "that %^&*% dirt bike guy" and that's it.


Nov 7, 2001

Ive driven several hours TO west virginia 4 times in the last few months to race. Mountaineer MX track has the deal where you can pay to ride on off days....Im sure others do as well. West Virginia has more spots to ride than where Im at.

But, Im not trying to be an arse dude. I sort of get the impression your a younger fellow. I understand COMPLETELY about the "neighborhood riding spot" issues. I used to get the same bit from the local law enforcements when I was a kid. Some were okay with it, some were not, but it comes down to if its not a legal spot to ride, then its not legal, thats all.

Call it part of growing up if you like, but if your love of dirt bikes is to continue, you have to change the way you approach it. You just hit that point where you have to put it on a truck and do some driving to get your riding in. Its worth it.

The dual sport idea is pretty cool also! But, I hate riding on the street.


Nov 30, 2003
Ok, you have a place to ride but the problem is inconsistant enforcement? Find out who owns the property through tax/property records located at your county courthouse. Ask the owner for written permission to ride. Problem solved.

Get your buddies together and start a club. Do volunteer work in the community to show your responsible. Offer police, firemen and paramedics free membership.

You could always contact the Chief of Police or Sheriff and work out a solution. They may even suggest a place to ride.

Be a proactive, positive representative for our sport.

Good luck, Steve.
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