May 19, 2001
i know, i know, there has been a hashing of the jetting questions! here goes, 2000 220 with stock carb, new rev pipe, pc2 silencer. I cannot turn up any SEARCH results on the jetting for my bike. Maybe i'm not looking in the right spots. Would it be okay to run the bike with the stock carb (jets) or should i run and get some jets from the local shop. i think the bike has a 145 main and 42 pilot and 1173 needle jet in the middle. I'm planning on getting boysen reeds #607 for the bike in the next few days. i don't wanna run the bike to lean. I'll try a plug chop and see from there, but any help would be appreciated. Should i wait and get the REEDS before jetting (do the reeds make a jetting difference?). I would like to ride the bike without damaging it. The rev pipe sure wakes the bike up WHOA!.


Feb 3, 2001
Yes they do!

:) G'day KDXdude, I can tell you that the reeds do make a huge difference, they will make the bike richer, so you will need smaller jets. I fitted an FMF torque pipe and P.C.2 muffler, did the air box mod and then had the carby jetted, later I fitted the Boyeson reeds and had to rejet again. I just had to go one size smaller on the main and pilot jets and lift the needle clip one from the centre.
Wis:cool: Good results were the shaking hands after a ride

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