May 21, 2001
This may not seem spectacular to you, but it is the first time I will get to jump my CR. I've only ridden the CR on wide, flat power line trails. I rode the XR at Budd's Creek once, and that was the only time so far I've ridden a motorcycle outside of my community. The place I'm going has jumps (new to me), woods trails (new to me), huge hills (new to me) and flat open areas (not new to me). I'm really excited!! I don't know if this is the right place to post, but it seemed as close to what I wanted as possible.


Jan 17, 2001
Re: Sounds Cool-------

Originally posted by KWJams

Rule #1. Have Fun :)

Rule #2. Know your limits

Did that old experienced guy say, "Know your limits"?

I think he did....right? That sounds like some good advice..

Crawl before you walk, walk before you run...... Don't try the double....

berm buster

Apr 17, 2001
first ride on CR

Hey YZ eater,
I know this is your first ride on your CR, and you cant hardly wait to get to
the track, but before you even think about jumping "double jumps" make sure
of "your" ability. Jumping doubles is NOT something to take lightly.

I know of too may people, who go to the track, maybe for the first time, then
decide they want to try to actually do what they see the local riders or even
the Pros on TV. Believe me, without practiing and taking it easy, it is incredibly
easy to get hurt badly. If you come up "short" on a double, depending on
your speed, and your front wheel hits the jump face, its very easy to go right over the bars, and lets remember, that ground is HARD!

Before your even think about jumping doubles, find you a small single jump,
or even a tabletop. Then start out w/ a little throttle and see what you and
the bike actually do. Just try to get a little air. Remember, we have to walk,
before we run! Have fun and be safe! Then you can come back again and
reinforce what you actually learned.

Let us know how it went.

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