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Jun 9, 1999
From Cycle News.

The AMA recently announced the teams that will represent the US in the 2006 International Six Days Enduro in New Zealand. After four two-day rounds of the ISDE Qualifier series, the selected Trophy Team is comprised of Ron Schmelzle, Fred Hoess, Aaron Kopp, Paul Neff, Eric Bailey and Jimmy Jarrett.

The US will also have a star-studded Junior Trophy Team. Joining returning Top American Kurt Caselli will be Ricky Dietrich, David Pearson and Russell Bobbitt.

The US will also be represented by a host of Club Teams:

Michael Bronn
Alan Deyo
Jeff Fredette
Patrick Garrahan
Kellon Walch
Daniel Janus

Desert MC
Theodore Hahn
Brandon Johnson
Mike Monroe

Merced Dirt Riders
Eric Ducray
Jordan Brandt
Sam Buffa

Sugar Mama Racing
Nicole Bradford
Lacy Jones
Amanda Mastin

Trail Riders of Houston
Cole Kirkpatrick
David Kamo
Luke McNeil

Missouri Mudders
Steve Leivan
Jeremy Ketchum
Greg Gillian

Dirt Diggers
John Bennett
Dylan Debel
Walker Luedtke

Team Oregon
Rory Sullivan
Mason Harrison
Johathan Seehorn


Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 3, 2001
We saw a number of these people (Hoess, Bobbitt, Fredette, Mastin, and Debel) at the Marquette National Enduro last weekend. There may have been more, but I do not recognize all of the names or know their faces. Good luck to all!

Mully - are we going to see you at Harrison this weekend?


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Jun 9, 1999

I hope so.

Most know that I have been way to busy here at work. Missed several races over the last few weeks, including the JP.

Harrison is next on the D-15 schedule for me, and I "DO NOT" want to miss it. Bike is ready, I am ready, and my truck/trailer is ready. Now the boss is another issue. :(

I did not pre-enter for that reason.
I should be able to still sign up on Saturday right ??

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