Apr 5, 2007
Not new to enduros, but I'm new to signing up early for an event. I have my entry sent in with 2 other riders requesting the same minute. My questions are:

Is my minute going to be mailed to me, or do I have to pick up my stuff at sign up Sunday morning? There is a very short window for Sunday morning sign-up.

Will I have to go through sign-up anyway for D14? Nothing was on the entry for D14 numbers.

What happens if the minutes we requested do not work, do we get the next available minute with 3 openings?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 3, 2001
I think I may have answered your questions already, but I will repeat here. If anyone else has questions, there are a couple of LMC club members who are members of DRN.

Your pre entry information will be available at sign up. If you need to sign up for D14, D15 or AMA, please sign up Saturday night. We have an early key (due to the heat) and there will not be much time to take care of the paperwork on Sunday morning.
Last I knew we had 50 pre-entries. So I would guess that if your three choices were not available, you would be assigned a row in that vicinity.

If there are other questions, please post them.
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