Jan 17, 2001
As many of you know, Jen Snyder is the 17-year-old girl from Texas who was hired by Harley-Davidson this year to race on the professional dirt track circuit. She's had some good finishes and turned some heads this season, demonstrating that she has real talent and was not hired merely as a marketing gimic by Harley.

In any case, last night at a mile race in Seattle, Jen took a bad tumble in the Pro Singles main event and was airlifted out. According to, she has lost her right pinkie finger, fractured a femur, multiple fractures in her left wrist and compound fractures in her lower leg. Fortunately, there were no head or internal injuries. Let's all wish her a speedy recovery.


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Oct 23, 2000
I was there—I couldn’t see the actual crash, though. She was kicking ass up until that point though. She is fast. You should have heard the crowd cheering—they were hollering their heads off. There was dead silence from the impact until the copter lifted off.

Leapin Lisa

Mar 30, 2001
What terrible news. I've never had the opportunity to see a dirt track race. While I was in Sturgis, SD this year the race was rained out. Thankfully there doesn't sound like there's any head injury to contend with.

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