Sep 4, 1999
This question is directed mostly to Canadian Dave but anyone else who rides in similar conditions is certainly more than welcome to respond.

I have a 2001 KDX 220. I've just installed an FMF rev pipe, Power Core II silencer, Boyesen power reeds and done the airbox mod. The carb is the stock 33mm. I went to the Just KDX website and as a starting point it's suggested that with these mods I use a 40 pilot and 142/145 main. Dave, are these good starting points for the Calgary area or do you recommend something more specific? As you know, the elevation can vary between 1,000m (3,300') and 2,000m (6,600'). An average temperature would probably be about 20 degrees C (70F). Thanks again. I don't know what I'd do without this site and all the great people here :D

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
To be on the safe side start with a 148 main jet. You’ll very likely be back to the 145 after a plug reading at WOT but better safe than sorry. Work your way down . . .148,to 145 to 142 until you see good color on your plug at WOT. I’d have a 42 pilot jet on hand as well. Start with the stock 45 pilot but with a fairly small air screw setting, say about 3/ 4 out and go from there.

Try the needle in the second from the top clip position to start off with.

Don’t even bother doing a plug reading until you install a BR7ES. The 8 is too cool for around here.

If you run into trouble email me and I’ll drop you my number. It might be easier to work through this on the phone.

I'll check my notes and see what jetting I was running on a mountain ride down there a couple years ago.

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