Jun 1, 2001
For a KDX 220R '99 w/ FMF exhaust Rad Valve and Keihin PWK 35 AS. The carb stock jets are 160main jet, 48pilot jet, 4.5 trothle valve, 48 DEK Jet needle, I feel the settings too rich I move the jet needle clip to position 2 and feels better but without outstanding results. Do you recommend change the main jet to 157 and the clip to 3???


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Dec 10, 2000
Try a 155 main jet and a 45 pilot. Even this may be too rich still, but it will be much better than what you are running now. You should also modify the airbox lid for more airflow, or just toss it completely.


Sep 4, 1999
Assuming that the needle jet on your air striker carb is the same as the stock kdx 200's, you are rich across the board. Do you still have your stock carb? If so replace the slide and needle with the stock parts and try a 42 pilot 152 main, stock needle #3 combo. Keep an eye on the plug to make sure that you are not to lean in that department. If you don't have the stock needle you will want to get something leaner there. The one you have is way rich (1469k) something from sudco in the AEN-P or BEN-P would be much closer IMO. The size of your needle jet can change all of this though so keep that in mind. Let us know how it works out.--Dan

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