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Feb 24, 2001
Anyone have some ideas on some baseline jetting for a 38mm pwk carb on a 2000 kdx 200? alt.2500 to 5000 ft.It has a k-30 pipe T-c2 boyseen reeds and the head milled .010. Thanks :cool:


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Mar 28, 2001
I've put a divider plate in my 38 so the lowend jetting won't work but I'll ty to remeber the jetting prior to the plate, the main jet stayed the same, this is for a 40:1 premix, 200 psi cylinder pressue, no air box lid, twin air filter, fmf rev, rad valve, lot of engine work.

air screw - 1.5
pilot - 52
needle - #3, not sure the # of the needle
main - 162 (3800 ft, @ 50-60 deg)

this should give you a desent starting point, good luck.


Jun 8, 1999

I have a 98 KDX 200 , FMF pipe/silencer/ RAD valve/ Mild porting and live around 600 ft elevation.

My current jetting is 152 main in summer 155 in winter and 45 pilot, air screw 1/2 to 3/4 out. You will need to compensate for the elevation difffernce. There is a GREAT article that Canadian Dave wrote at:

Hope this helps
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