"Kawazuki"?? News from Japan...


Aug 29, 2001
In today's Yomiuri (English version) newspaper...

Suzuki, Kawasaki plan tie-up in motorcycles
Suzuki Motor Corp. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Lt. announced Wednesday they had reached a basic agreement to tie up on a broad range of motorcycle devlopment and production projects in an effort to cut costs and boost competitiveness.

The two companies said they also would cooperate in procuring parts with the aim of integrating their motorcycle businesses. The tie-up will be the first alliance formed between motorcycle makers in the nation.

Suzuki Motor and Kawasaki are the nation's third- and fourth-largest motorcycle manufacturers respectively. In terms of the number of motorcycles produced, Honda Motor Co. and Yamaha Motor Co. hold the top two spots, respectively, in the nation's motorcycle market. The alliance between Suzuki Motor and Kawasaki is expected to enable them to match the performance of the nation's largest motorcycle manufacturers.

Sales of motorcycles in the domestic market have fallen recently, due to changes in people's lifestyles, a decline in popularity of the vehicle among young people and the sluggish economy.

Aside from joint develpment projects, the two companies will mutuallysupply their prooducts on an original equipment-manufacturing basis and use the same parts, which will be jointly purchased, they said.

Humm... :eek:

Lessee, "Just RDX"?


Sep 7, 2001

I have a feeling this R&D merger is mainly going to be for 4-stroke development to answer the Yamaha's and the new Honda. Suzuki's new 4-popper is a great bike for enduro's and such, but its nowhere near the Yam's for MX or SX. Maybe we'll get lucky though and Kaw. will finally update the KDX chassis some (just don't let'm touch that motor Batman:eek: )

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