Dec 8, 2006
what would it do ? I ride in the mountains and there is some steep rock faces..I thought it would keep it from stalling have a good deal on an 04 instead of an XR


Damn Yankees
Dec 19, 2005
I put a 10 oz Steahly flywheel weight on my kdx200, and I like it. I was afraid that it would slow things waaay down, but it didn't. It still revs quickly, but just a little softer. And it is less prone to stalling in the very tight rocky stuff that I ride.

Ever since I got a trials bike, I gained an understanding of how controllable the powerband and the clutch can be. KDX powerband and clutch are a long way from the feel of my montesa, but the flywheel weight brings it a little closer on the low end where it matters the most to me.

John Harris

Apr 15, 2002
If you ride slow tight stuff with elevation changes - big or little - my experience is that you will love a flywheel weight. Steahly makes the only one for KDX (as far as I know), and he is a super nice guy to deal with. His weight mounts right up. One of the best monies I have spent on my KDX to make it a better trail bike. Everybody that rides my bike with the weight buys one. Cheers John


Oct 19, 2006
A flywheel weight doesn't produce any additional low end power, it just lets you store up some energy in the flywheel for a clutch dump to get the front wheel up.
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