KDX 200 seat change

Jul 21, 2000
hi i have a 93 KDX200 and i want a new seat but I can't find any aftermarket ones so i was wondering will the KX500 seat fit mine or and of the other kaw bikes?? thanx
Dec 3, 2000
Since the archived posts are gone now, and the KDX to KX500 interchangable stuff is gone i was wonder if anyone knows what other KX500 stuff is interchange able w/ KDX 89s-94s. Like are the plastics? Mainly the Radiator Shrouds...if so then i could get a sweet graphic kit for my 92 KDX thats made for a KX500 but doesnt say KX anywhere, it just says Kawasaki. Thanks in advanced for all your help.

Feb 24, 2001
I just ordered a kx 500 rear fender from UFO. I believe they said 89-2001 are all the same. I'll let you know how much cutting it takes to make it work on my kdx-250. Of course if the side panels swap over then they would work with the 500 fender properly, only thing is I think the 500 side panels are butt ugly.
I'll post the results in aobut 2 weeks.
Nov 18, 2000
Originally posted by Everlastingobstoper
only thing is I think the 500 side panels are butt ugly.
I'm not sure about other years, but for 1989 the KX500/250/125 side panels not only fit my KDX they are identical.