1992 KDX 200 new stator & swapped electrical parts still no spark


Aug 9, 2003
I am the second owner of this 93 KDX 200 and have been running it no problems for almost 10 years now. On my last ride about an hour in ridding wood trails I fouled a plug. 30 minutes later fouled another and then fouled my last plug about a half mile from my truck and had to get it towed back. Getting back home I installed a new plug and checked spark and no spark at the plug. Disconnected the kill switch, no spark At suggestion of friend who has a 95 KDX200 to replace the stator, did that with a Ricky stator, still no spark. We then started swapping out the ignition coil & plug wire, then the CDI from my friends working KDX and still no spark. One thing we couldn't find is how is the ignition system grounded? The bolt from CDI to steering frame is clean and no rust, but I couldn't find any other ground to main frame. We checked wires looking for cracks or rubbed insulation and all looks good.
I've searched and read all the posts I could find on here and tried all the suggestions. I'm unfortunately pretty limited knowledge when it comes to electrical systems and diagnosis, but am good with following directions. Any suggestion on what I'm missing?


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