Sep 4, 1999
I saw some other posts for pre-2000 bikes that suggest filling with oil to the top of the window. Does this apply to my 2001 KDX 220 too? I know it's a dumb question but I want to maintain my bike properly. Thanks.
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JCV 220R

Oct 13, 1999
Hi Renegade!

When changing the tranny oil in your bike, go ahead and dump the whole quart in. It won't hurt a thing and it will reduce noise as well. I used to use ATF type F and change it every other ride,... much cheaper than expensive gear oil.

good luck

EDIT: btw - anything you read about '97 or newer KDX 220's will relate to your bike as well. The KDX 200 has remained unchanged since 1995 and the 220 since 1997 (first year of the 220)
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Aug 16, 2000
Anyone tried Castrol ATF+3 ?? I asked for Type F at the store and they said this was a better version of Type F... On the back though it says not to put it in transmissions where Type F is specified.

I also want to know if ATF Type F performs well in hot conditions. Currently I'm running 10W40, and when my tranny gets warm it becomes quite hard to shift... I'm beginning to wonder if this is because of the oil at all.
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Feb 7, 2000
Just use type F. Some other guys on here have had trouble with anything else. Try Wal-Mart or someplace like that for type F. I get it for about a buck a quart there.
Use the whole quart.
Makes MY bike shift better.
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