Kdx 250 Sproket Size Changes...


May 30, 2001
I am replacing the chain and sprokets on my KDX 250 and would like
to add a little more "punch". What sproket combos' can I use to boost the torque/ power over the stock 14/48 tooth sprokets? And help and experiences would be great:silly:

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
In the tight woods a 13/48 combo will give you noticeably more punch and is probably the best compromise. If you ride more open terrain, the stock gearing is actually pretty good even though the bike doesn't feel as snappy.

Sometimes with the 13 tooth countershaft you will find yourself having to upshift out of first or second where you used to be able to hold the lower gear longer. If you find you don't like the 13, it is easy and cheap to put on a 14 if you keep the stock 48 rear.

Another advantage of the 13/48 is you can shorten your chain two links and run the wheel all the way in on the adjusters to shorten the wheelbase.


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Dec 10, 2000
I run a 14/50 combo on my bike, and it gives me the compromise between speed and low-gearing for tight stuff that I need. This setup tightens up the gaps between gears nicely, and makes third gear much more useful in the tight woods I ride in. A larger rear sprocket doesn't fit very well without modifying the chain guide to move it forward a little bit, and a smaller front sprocket tends to cause the chain to eat into the chain slider with alarming speed. I run my wheel forward in the adjusters, but it does give the bike a tendency to be very wheelie prone when on the gas hard if you don't get forward on the seat.
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