Jun 18, 2001
I am curious about buying a CR250. Does anyone own or has
owned one previously, that has also owned a KDX 220. I recently
moved to Colorado and I want to ride the dunes around here, but
I think the power of the KdX will fall flat up a sand hill. I really
like riding trails as well and I know the kdx is better for that. I wonder if the cr250 is able to rip trails as well. As far as maintenance goes the two bikes are two strokes so they can't
be that much difference in this arena. But I don't own a CR so
I can't be sure. What mods could I put on the CR to give it
a little stronger midrange. Any opinions would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

Jan 10, 2001
The KDX rips in the sand dunes. Just put about an 6 or 8 paddle paddle tire on there and your set. Make sure you jet it right for the higer temps and all the extra strain on the engine. I had the KDX out at Little Sahara, OK, a while back with just a Pirelli Laguana soft terrain tire, went up every dune. Of course the 250 will eat the dunes up. But why not do the best thing by buying a KDX220 and a KX500, one for the trails, and one for the dunes ;)

Happy SandRoosting!
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Mar 21, 2000
If your into something more then the KDX, you might look at the idea of getting the CR and adding a Flywheel weight. It would take some "explosiveness" out of the hit but, would help to make the bike a better trail bike.

We did this to my brother's CR250 to make it more "woods friendly". The flywheel weight was just what the bike needed. However, we did this to a '84 CR250 ... I'm not sure about the newer CRs but, I would have to assume it would still make it a more trackable trail bike while still being able to "rip it up" in the dunes. :think

or just buy both like SandRooster220 suggested ;)

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