New KDX 220 Owner: KX 500 Wheel Question


Sep 22, 2008
I recently bought a 1998, KDX 220. :) This is the third bike in my stable, and the first Kawasaki I have ever owned. After bringing the bike home, I discovered my bike has 43mm, USD forks, which are apparently from the 94-96, KX 500 bike. The first owner installed new fork seals on these forks.

I have obtained the KDX 200 service manual, and the KDX 220 Supplement to that manual. I have also obtained a KDX 220 Owners Manual. In addition, I have obtained a KX 500 Owners Manual, which contains a lot of information regarding fork maintenance. However, the KX 500 Owners Manual does not address changing the front wheel. :whoa:

I also acquired a spare, KX 500 front wheel with this motorcycle. However, I have discovered that the axle is rusted into the axle nut on both my KX 500, front wheels. :yikes: I can change the wheels by removing the axle clamps on both forks. However, I presume the correct procedure is to first loosen the axle clamp bolts on the right fork, and then to unscrew the axle from the axle nut. Am I correct?

In any event, I need to break the axles from the axle nuts before I can inspect the wheel bearings on both my front wheels. Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to accomplish this? Thank you. :)

Spud :)
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