kickstarter troubles on KDX175 (1982)


Aug 21, 2003
Hi, I'm having trouble with my kickstarter. I took out the kick-shaft and installed it again, installed the kick and the following prob occurred: I cak kick it (it turns around), but the kick does not go back to it's starting position (vertical, up),it just stays down. I can turn it manually to vertical again, but it takes some foce. Not much though, just a little (it might just be something like compression). What could I have done wrong? I would like to know before I take the thing out again, otherwise, I don't know what faults to look for.
Just a small remark: I noticed that the kick-shaft didn't stay in its correct position after installment, ik looked like it was bushed and supported by the mag cover. Normal?
Some things cleared out: it's a basket case, I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. If I leftanything out or unclear, just ask. Manty thanks guys (and gurls) !