KLX 307 kit - Jetting for Colorado


Apr 28, 2000
Need some help on jetting this bike for Colorado. Currently, in Michigan. Biike has 307cc kit, header and 33mm pumper carb. Current main is 150 and 42.5 needle jet. Will be riding around 7 and above. Thinking about dropping both 2 sizes. Anyone out there that can help with this jetting? This bike should be a lot fun out there. Last year I rode my CR250 Moab. Wish I had a 4 stroke. Other bike is a YZF426. Love it...

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N. Texas SP
Feb 19, 2000
I assume you are talking about the stock carb. the KLX is not that sensitive to altitude changes. It is sensitive to pilot jet changes I would go down 1 size on the main and pilot and see how it does. Wait a minute, 150 main? Are you using the stock carb? I still think going down 1 size would be better.

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