Dec 5, 2000
Couple of easy questions.... Do KTM's come well greased from the factory? I mean, do you have to tear them apart and grease everything like you should do on a Japanese bike?

Also I would be considering a 125 SX or a 200 of some sort... I ride only moto-x but don't race. Would the small 125 tank fit on the 200? I love the extra cc's.

Thanks for any input! :cool:


Jul 21, 1999
They come pretty well lubed but I tear them down and make sure. I do that on any new or used bike that I get. Cheap insurance.

The SX tank from the 125 will fit the 200. Same frame.


Dec 5, 2000
Yes they come lubed pretty well, but like JEB said, use the good waterproof stuff and you will be happier. As for the tank swap, no problem. I put the tank/seat/shrouds from my '01 125 sx on my '00 200 when I had it, with no problems. It still didn't handle like the 125, but it was much easier to move around on. I don't know if the tank will work with the 200's seat though. If you are going to buy a 125 sx gas tank for your 200, why not buy the 11 liter version (stock is 8 liter). It's the same shape as the regular gas tank except down at the petcock area. They enlarge it like the offroad tanks in that area as well as adding capacity under the seat and behind the radiators. The bottom line is that you can't feel the difference from the saddle and I believe it's the same price as the 8 liter tank.

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