Sep 9, 2007
i have an 05 ktm 125sx with brembo braking system. lately it has been locking up on me. when it locks up i usually realease
pressure and re-bleed and be done with it. but now it wont go 10 minutes without locking. i was in a race saturday and it locked up in the heat and main event. if any one has ever heard of a problem like this with brembo or any brands let me know how to fix it. thanks

helio lucas

Jun 20, 2007
quite simple actually... replace the brake pins that holds the pads...


Mar 12, 2001
While not brembo brakes... We had this problem with an RM 250. As soon as we released the pressure in the caliper, the rear brake was fine for another period of time. It would lock up within the first 30 minutes of woods riding. We replaced everything (caliper, pads, brake line) except for the rear master cylinder (which we rebuilt), problem still existed. We found another (used) master cylinder and replaced it, and the problem was fixed. It's been months since we replaced the master cylinder and there's been zero issues with the brakes.
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