Aug 5, 2007
Theres a cheap kx250 85 for sale for 300 bucks. I can probaly talk them down a little. Anyways im about 5'9 220 and wanted to know if this bike would do good in trails and woods? I heard they lack low end. I been looking for a kdx but people want to much.

Its in running shape but will probaly need some work right away. Would this just be a money pit? Should I just keep looking, my budget is low about $500.

I seen a 86 parts bike and some other parts for cheap, I figure I could ride a little right away aftter some minor work and freshen it up during the winter.


Aug 1, 2007
I.m about your size and weight if you want a 250 smoker i tell yu man you better ride one first. cause i tell you THEY DON,T PLAY!!!! test ride it give some gas if you think you can handle it buy it. if it does have too much power then i wouldn,t really worry about it. yull get more skill with it soon enough and if your worried about low end my advice keep the rpm,s up it,s important to pick the right gear especially with a 2 stroke. GOOD LUCK!!!!! :cool:
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