Feb 6, 2001
I've been there once and wasn't impresed. I drove 3 hours which was okay but it's not worth 6. The trails are all really wide and the Turkey Bay campground shouldn't be called a campground. but some of the other places looked nice to camp.


Mar 28, 2001

Hope the reviews get better cause my family is about to commit our summer/fall vacation at LBL. I looked up past threads about LBL in this/other forums and also at LBL's website. I was impressed enough to pass on Michigan and head to Kentucky/Tennessee.

My family consists of wife(age 36) daughters(14 & 4) sons(12 & 6). We look for easy/moderate trails to ride that are scenic. What I liked about LBL is that it looks like the 14 & 12 year olds could ride off on their own without parental guidance. And with other activities around the LBL area we could keep the younger two children busy. Turkey Bay Campground sounds like a primitive campground so we'll stay at a different campground within LBL.

If anyone out there can recommend any other sites in the Midwest to spend a family vacation please let me know.

Here's LBL website http://www2.lbl.org/lbl/default.html



May 16, 2001
Well as far as from just ariding standpoint.........its great! I absolutely love it up there. If you go on a friday when its not too crowded its really cool. Most trails are really wide but there are a few tight singletracks as well..honestly you just ahve to search and learn the trail system to enjoy the riding. I hated it the first time I went, but every time after that I've had a blast and really learned alot about riding because it challenges me at my skill lvl. I used to be very terrible at hill scaling/descending but after a few trips there I really have improved. I think they have a little bit for everyone as far as skill lvl goes.

Now as far as the campgrounds are concerned.........hmm...suck! I think that word wraps it up pretty well. REALLY dusty and dirty and no real shade. I would definitley camp somewhere else if your gonna be there more then one nite.

just my 2 cents


Feb 20, 2001
There's a campground when you first get in there( about 2 mi from welcome station) can't rember the name but was there last year. Nice shaded sites with shower houses. The lake is right there and a small beach as well. Only about 8 mi from Turkey Bay.
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