Oct 17, 2000
I've been told for years that you should always look far ahead when riding. Some say you should look to the next corner as soon as you exit the last one. I'm still trying to feel comfortable with this but always end up looking just 20-30 feet ahead. How far do you guys look ahead and is there any tricks to gaining comfort & confidence with this? I know. PRACTICE, right?


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
I'm not sure if you ride MX or woods, but for woods riding or offroad riding look perhaps 100' ahead in open terrain. When an object that you need to miss appears give it a quick look to determine what to do then get your head back up and trust your bike and your self to miss it. (I know, Easier said than done.) Perhaps as practice you could use something harmless such as tufts of grass or weeds. In the trees where you cannot see as far, I try to focus on the turns and obstacles as normal, but as I enter a turn I take a glance through the trees to find the next turn, mudhole, hill, etc.

Make a concious effort to look up and PRACTICE! ;)

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