Sep 7, 2007
i made a vent hose cap witch is very simple all you need is the stock vent hose and a old metal tire cap (for the tube from leaking air) gorilla glue and a razor blade

1. take off your vent hose off your dirt bike
2. clean both things
3. take a very small drill bit and drill a hole in the middle of the cap
4. try to fit the cap on the hose
5. if it fits tightly thats great, but if u cant take th razor blade and slowly shave down the ends to make it fit.
6. put some super glue or gorilla glue on the end of the hose where th cap will over lap it
7. put the cap on it and let the glue dry.
8. cut the hose to the length you want it
9. then paint it the color you want and then your done!


Aug 21, 2005
Sounds interesting, but how do you keep the fuel from getting out after a tip over? Personally, I just picked up a length of hose and bought a couple of check valves at the bike shop when my boy lost his.
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