Sep 13, 2007
OK, checked the forums but did not find anything relevant...

I don't have much experience working on bikes. I do most of my own work on my cars and trucks and assume similar priciples apply.

To that end, I am looking for some good repair manuals for the XR250 and XR80?

I do have some immediate issues I am dealing with on getting a bike ready for my daughter and any assistance would be appreciated.

How much and what type of oil (weight, etc.) should I use on a 96 XR80?

What about tranny fluids, etc?

Bike is stock so I am guessing no special gas needed since it is not super high compression ratios.

What are some nice mods (yet inexpensive) to pep up the 80 once my daughter gets comfortable on the bike?

Thanks in advance...



Feb 26, 2007
I suggest using premium fuel. I've had problems with all types of bike when I haven't run premium in them. It'll cost you about $1 more for a jerry can. It's my $1 insurance policy
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