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Oct 28, 2001
Like a few other people I was looking for a mesh storage bag to hold/carry/store the braces when not in use. I had been using the box they came in, but that didn't allow the sweaty braces to dry out during storage.

This past summer we bought a few float loungers for the pool, and they came in these round mesh bags, complete with zipper and shoulder strap. I took one of the bags, and the braces fit in them perfectly. You can throw them over your shoulder, hang them on a hook, all while the mesh allows the braces to dry out between use.

I'd imagine you can buy the float to get the bag, but it also looks like you could just order the bag itself directly from the manufacturer as a replacement item. Check it out.

Pic 1:
Pic 2:

Product that came with bag: (swim suit model not included!){A895FF07-51D2-4C1B-8E5E-2F0F03F9718A}&pg=2

Swim Ways Customer Service For Ordering:
1-800-889-7946 or 1-800-328-6166

Billy - Might be something your company could include in the box.
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Mar 22, 2001
Smit, we send our braces to Australia in mesh bags, but not in the states, we've talked about offering the bag here a few months ago but I'm not sure what became of it. I agree we should at least offer it for a small fee if people want it, I'll see what's up with that Mister.
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