Jan 27, 2000

On your carb, next to the bellcrank where the throttle cables hook up, you will notice an adjuster screw. Pull the air boot between the air cleaner and carb back and look in the back of the carb. (You may have to lift the sub-frame to do this.)

Turn the throttle wide open and make sure the slide is not hanging down into the carb intake opening. If it is, remove the stop screw and grind the tip away until the slide goes all the way to the top and does not hang down into the intake opening at all.

There is also a two wire connector under the gas tank. It has a black wire and a grey wire. Unplug the connector and remove or cut the grey wire and plug the connector back together. This makes a major difference. :thumb:



Jan 2, 2005
Just picked up a 2002 today. Is looks like it just came out of a showroom. 460 miles. The bike has no mods yet. I know about the throttle, Grey wire and baffle reomval. I would like to know what exactly each one will produce. Throttle is about 15 HP from what I am told but what about the grey wire and baffle? I took the baffle out and now it sounds like a dirt bike.
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