Mar 26, 2001
Dave: I have 01' 220 and have installed a gnarly torque, with a turbine core II.I recently put in a 142 main and lowered the needle to second clip.I actually lost power.There was a huge difference in bottom end on the hills.I went back to the 145 main and much better.Any ideas how I can improve the lower end with the jetting?
Maybe different plug?(br7es)I still run the stock pilot.Also did the airbox mod that was recommended .:cool:


Jun 20, 2001
I recently added the same pipe and spark arrestor..I didn't mess with my jettings at all...I liked the way my bike performed with no change....I did add a steahly flywheel weight at the same time and I like the whole package...because i did it all at the same time I am not sure wich mod benefited me the most..but i feel like my 2001 kdx could climb a wall If i could hang on!


Oct 20, 2000
My bike has the stock pipe and silencer.I did the air box mods and rejetted.The best bang for the buck was Boyesen reeds.I noticed a big difference in the bottem to mid range transition.So much ,that I even was able to use the 12 tooth countershaft sprocket that I had bought earlier.

auger in

Jun 27, 2000
Depending on your altitude and temp. you might need to change your pilot jet and play with air screw. I have a '99 220 with same pipe and mods, going leaner on the pilot jet made a big diff. I ride between 5000' and 8500' in the summer with temp 85-95 deg. I am currently running #40 pilot, clip 3 down, #142 main, air screw 1 1/4 out. I tried the clip 2 down, but lost power both @ low end & mid range. Once you have the correct pilot jet, 1/4 turn on A.S. makes a big diff from idle to 1/8 throttle. This jetting runs a little fat at higher altitude, but still makes good power & I still have a margin of safety for cool days &/or high humidity.

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