Moto Jack Rack

Apr 6, 2001
Has anyone used the Moto Jack Rack or any other reciever mounted cycle carrier? I'm thinking about buying one but, wondering how secure they hold the bike?

Aug 25, 1999
I'm using one now. It carries the bikes very securely. I'm thinking about selling mine though to get a trailer. E-mail me if you're interested in a used one.


Nov 25, 2000
I have two friends that use them and love them.

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Dec 26, 1999
Love mine! There was a major redesign after the initial MJR and it was a huge improvement on a great product. I got one of the first new design racks and I sometimes prefer to load my bike on the MJR instead of in the back of my truck if I'm going to be doing any tuning since it's a great bike stand as well. You won't be disappointed unless you drive a smaller lighter vehicle then you might see some tail dragging since it will put a good load on the back of the vehicle.

Ret you might want to consider running the tie down to the bumper of your truck. I found by doing this it makes the bike feel even more secure since it eliminates any free play in the receiver.

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Dec 15, 2000
Thanks Patman, I'll give it a try. I don't have any free play in the receiver because I tighten down the jacking bolt pretty tight but I will see if it eliminates the pivot point play.

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Oct 7, 1999
i had 1 of these, i liked it pretty well exc. that i had to do a little engineering with a rat-tail file to get it to line up, & it leaked a little fluid & i had to add some. it's a complicated setup, but once you get the hang of it, it works ok. i added booster springs to the vehicle (ford explorer) to get the nose down. that helped a lot, & even made the pig handle better unloaded. i sold it when i bought another pickup.