Sep 15, 2004
I have a 92 kx 80 and a wrecked 98 kx 100 i am going to try to put the 100 motor in the 80 frame.I alredy took the front forks off the 100 and put on the like a glove.any one know if it will fit?looks like the frames are the same.The 100 has a power valve and a cdi box where the 80 does not.I am hoping this will add to the bottom end.I think i will have to make a bracket to hold the cdi box and weld it to the frame.any other problems i might run into?thanks


May 25, 2008
What I want to know is will this KX125 motor I have fit in the Kx100 frame...its a lil project that I'm trying to do basically trying to let my cuzzin learn on it but at the same time have serious power but not over whelm him with the size of the discourage him. To answer your question don't think you'll run into any problems..just a better spark and timing really its basically like your putting together a kx100 from scratch.


Aug 29, 2007
im surprised that the 80 doesnt have a cdi box, another thing, you should look into putting the shock on the 80 while your at it

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