Oct 17, 2005
HEy all.. I was wondering, what some of you think is the best way to move that burst of power from a 2stroke, up higher in the band. I want it to come in at higher rpms so that the lower rpm range is more usable...
I can ride it the other way, but I would like to experiment in the lower ranges...any ideas would be great..
I have dual stage reeds in there now.
1982 CR250R runs like new.. way fast with a whole lot of a$$, but I would like to make it more managable for other people that want to ride it. No one will ride it because they say it is a beast..and too much for most to handle..well thanks ahead of time..


May 10, 2007
Yeah, it's a bit pipier than a pv motor. Call Eric, he should be able to fix ya up.


Apr 11, 2007
i have a cr80r(1996) a few days ago i was ridin and then i noticed my bike wasnt runnin good. let it sit a while and tried startin it up again and put a new plug in and it wont start. i took it to a shop and the guy checked the compression in the piston(it's at 80psi) so he said he has to replace the piston rings. is he rippin me off or is it that? any info or help would be appreciated

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Why not try a different silencer and/or jetting? Maybe there is another similar year Honda that has a different silencer, or an aftermarket silencer/spark arrestor that might mellow it out.

Richening the low speed jetting by turning in the airscrew and changing the needle position could go a long way toward softening the hit.


Feb 26, 2007
X-rider first of all you should start your own thread. But otherwise no the guy isn't ripping you off. Rings aren't that expensive and you can do them yourself. Get a repair manual and do it yourself. Rings go after a while and need to be replaced. Enjoy..... Be happy it's not a piston
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