Dec 29, 1999
Someone was asking me if there was any logic to the order DNFs are listed on the results sheet, and while I figure that a DNF is a DNF, I couldn't give a solid answer.

Say, for example, one guy was scored, say, 10/30 on the first lap then crashed and tweaked his bars or something and had to pull off. Another guy sloshes around the track in last place every lap but completes four laps of a five lap moto before his bike breaks. Is one guy's DNF worth more than the other? If so, what's the logic/formula for figuring this out.

(Please note that any similarities that the above scenario shares with events occuring at a certain District 17 MX track the last weekend are purely coincidental



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Dec 26, 1999
Basically a DNF isn't worth anything point or standing wise  but they would be listed in the order you drop out
A front runner dropping out on the second lap would be listed below a last place rider that completes 3 laps   Basically its survival of the fitest so the longer you limp along the higher on the list your name goes


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Nov 12, 1999
It comes down to this.

First of all to recieve a finish you must get a checkered flag and complete more than half of the laps that the winner has made.
There are two types DNF and DNS.
A DNF(did not finish) is scored 20points PLUS total number of riders in the class.

A DNS (did not start) is scored 30 points PLUS the number of riders in the class.

That is why many times a rider will be seen sitting at a finish line waiting to get a checkered flag.

to answer your question...... DNF is a DNF no matter how it is obtained.
so both of the guys your talking about would recieve the same score for that moto. this means that the second moto (or 1st) depending on the case would decide the finish.

Also remember this is the way we do it in the Amatuer ranks what they do in the pros is totally greek to me.

I was also just reminded that I had to ask my wife how this was done since I don't do scoring..............she does LOL>

this is for mx, Harescrambles and other types of racing  I bet will be different.


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