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Aug 17, 2001
Hi All,

I've experimented w/ the jetting on my 01 rm 250 for the last month without satisfactory results. I dropped my jet needle to the lowest setting (I know, not recommended, bad move) yesterday and the bike really ran great. Full response, bad pinging. Today I richened up the pilot cct and went out for another test ride. It was still pinging and I ended up seizing the piston. :(

I took it apart, the bottom ring was melted, piston is badly scored on the back complete w/ matching scratches on the bore.

From what I've read here so far, I suppose I will get the cylinder plated and buy the new piston & rings. Can anyone recommend where I could get the plating done or how to get in touch with Eric Gore? It would be a great option and I think he is close enough for land delivery. I know he's busy, I would like to have him do any work I need, but would like to talk to him first about this. It's been tough to get a hold of him.

Also, once I get this fixed, I'm still right where I left off. The bike only runs when I'm flat out twisting on the throttle, otherwise it sputters. I'd really like to get this problem fixed. I'm considering a set of dual stage reeds. Could they possibly give me the increased smoothness I'm looking for?

I really think I can get what I need out of this bike, and am willing to keep trying different options, but everyone has a different opinion. If worst comes to worst, I'm gonna end up selling the bike and buying something that runs to my liking. I've ridden CR's that would work fine for me. I'd hate to give up on this one just yet.

Thanks in Advance

Joe Chief

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Oct 1, 2000
In response to the dual stage reeds question, i installed boyeson power reeds and yes they did smooth things out a bit on my yz and added seemless throttle response. You could try them but you should first attack the bud of the problem which probably arent your reeds.

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May 9, 2000
Someone said that the RM250 has a head that is a little too radical for pump fuel. Maybe having your head modified to run better on pump gas will work. MN KDXer has a 2001 RM250 and he has gotten his to work pretty well on pump gas from what he tells me.

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Aug 15, 2000
catch him early©

rememeber too us UPS only ! wifey used the post office, and cost me a bunch of time ! with any luck you won't need replating!
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