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May 31, 2018
I recently purchased a 97 rm125 that’s is giving me hell Originally the bike would start but only with some throttle input when I kicked the bike but it was nearly impossible to put it into gear and get it to go anywhere all it would do is stall out once I got the bike to move it would bog and sputter and had almost no power. First thing I did was break open the carb and cleaned every jet and the float needle and made sure it was all clean and there was no dirt then I went and made sure the air filter was clean put in a new spark plug and made sure the reeds were good and were making a seal. Once the card was cleaned out and I did everything I could the bike would move forward and ride but still bogs and still has bad power and will never hit the power band. So next I went and checked compression which according to the test it was at about 30 so I went and rebuilt the top end I got new gaskets for on a fresh jug a new piston and new rings and went again it feels better to kick but the bike gave me hell trying to get it to start the first time and now the bike will barely ever idle still needs throttle for it to start and does the same thing when I ride it. The bike has an fmf pipe and I have 180 main and 55 pilot jets in the carb running the fuel at 32:1. Any ideas cause I’m at a lost could it be something with the power valves?


Dec 31, 1969
Cross posted. See the thread in Suzuki 2-Strokes.
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