My Nephew's First Ride

Nov 22, 2002
Being the spoiled brat that he is, my nephew Brandon received a KTM Mini Adventure Jr. for his 2nd birthday. That was a year and three months ago. He was obviously too little to ride the bike, but my brother was anxious to get him started.

Fastforward to today and he is big enough to touch the footpegs and work the throttle. So his Dad and I took him up to Gorman for a little ride. After a preliminary safety meeting we discussed the functions of the grips and levers, but I think Brandon only heard "twist the throttle." And since this little KTM has no throttle limiter, it's easy for a munchkin to get over his disproportionately large head. Uncle Jake was in charge of throttle limitation.

Limiter In Action

Thanks to the excellent training wheels, we didn't have to worry about Brandon falling over. So we mostly concentrated on turning, stopping (his hands are still a tad too small to comfortably reach the brake levers) and not going WFO!

Going Away

In between drinking banana-flavored milk and peeing on the truck tires, he'd alternately beg to ride more or help him load his bike on the truck. He thought it was cool to see his bike roll up the loading ramp. I had to force him to sit on his chair to take this picture.

The Cutest Chair

All in all we had a great day and Brandon can't wait to go back. Man, I wish I had a little monster of my own.:) Just wanted to share.

My Nephew

p.s. Does anyone know who makes the smallest boots? I've only seen down to a size 9 kids. Thanks.


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Oct 26, 1999
Jake, a friend of ours' little boy has Fly boots (oh, sooo cute), he's somewhere between ages 2-4 (heck, I can't remember), but only rides pillion so far ;) Obviously I have no idea of what size that translates to. I think Fox may make toddler boots too.

As for you getting clucky watching Brandon ride, I know that feeling, but then once the little ones are off the bike, tired, hungry & grumpy, I don't want to know about it. I'll just keep riding with the ones I ride with & once they're too fast, I'll find some others to adopt for a couple of hours a week/fortnight/month ;)

Thanks for sharing your day, it's way cool & your nephew's cute (want to trade for mine, only thing is he's 14 & not into bikes at all - basically no use to me whatsoever hehehe - don't tell my sis that).

Also, keep an eye on the for sale forum, as sometimes the little boots do come up, otherwise you could post in there ;)
Apr 11, 2001
Try an online search; most brands have kid's sizes. I'd suggest going to a big place like Chaparral and trying on the different sizes (but not particularly buying there - order on line.)

For my sons I'd buy out of the Recycler; since they go through sizes so fast it doesn't make much sense to buy new as they outgrow it all sometimes in the same season. Other parents experience the same thing - you'd be surprised at the good condition some used boots can be had.

Though other gear definitely should be new.