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May 11, 2001
As many of you may have heard my 7 year old son Joshua broke his femur Saturday night at Badlands MX park. I want to take a minute and thank EVERYONE at the track for your support. MX Racing is a family activity and the MX family of racers at Badlands on Saturday night were amazing. THANKS. To the staff at Badlands and the EMT's, MAN YOU GUYS ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!!

Joshua is doing great. He had surgery on Monday and we took him home yesterday. As many of you know Josh can be a bit of a HAM :D and he is going to his school today to show everyone that he is OK. He is somewhat upset that the doctors have told him that he can not ride again for 4 months, but he understands.

Thanks again everyone and the Luttrull's will see you at the racers on Saturday night, September 29th.

Johnny and Pam


Sep 9, 2001
I hope your son has a speedy recovery... Thats a painful bone to break. What a trooper though, having the surgery on Monday and then going to school so soon. Sounds like you have a real tough guy on your hands.


Naïve Texan
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2000
I hope he gets well soon!

Kudos to Russ and Dannielle (I hope I spelled it right - FWIW, I do know how she pronounces it!) for running such a tight ship.


Ms. Badlands

Aug 10, 2000
what a kid!

Josh is such a trooper! He was at practice last night and just hung out while his brothers and dad rode. Great attitude and best smile. All three of the luttrell boys are well mannered and good sports. It is MX families like theirs that makes running a track worth it!

Johnny, no thanks required to us,it is the Lifetech crew and assistance by Scotty Harris that deserve all the credit. Plus I hear you were GREAT in handling the whole event too!
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