Feb 28, 2000
Hehe, okay here goes...My diisapperance on DRN recently besides the fact that I finally got an internet connection at my new house in Spokane is that not to long ago I took an incredible flying lesson!

So the rumor is true, I am kind of embarrassed to say that my new KX100 has thrown me over the top of my handle bars at a speed of 40 mph, i'm guessing here, anyhow it was pretty darn fast. *scary fast* :confused: To make it even better I wsa not riding on dirt, I was being a true spodely kid riding my *ahem* non street legal bike, well on a residental street near my house. You know, the kind of ride where you just want to take your bike out for a 5 minute spin before your friends come to pick you up to take you to a movie. :D

So needless to see I did not make it to the movie that night. As i spent over 6 hours in the emergency room at Sacred Heart Hospital. The Little old lady that was walking her dog said that my bike flipped over about 3 times and i did, well several forward somersaults. I have no recolection of actually flying over the top of my handle bars or my body scraping across the asphalt...I just remember sitting on the back of my legs sorta hunched over...wondering how in the heck my bike ended up on the opposite side of the street and why I was sitting on the ground.

So the 'lil ol lady says "oh my god! are you okay?" ... Me okay; yeah sure of course I'm okay, I'm a tough dirtbike rider! So I say "Ajeah I'm fine, just give me a minute here." She insists on calling me an ambulance...I say "I don't need an ambulance I'm just fine." Apparently I'm bleeding all over the place at this time, but I'm so dazed i don't notice or don't really care...(you know how cuts on the face always bleed more than necessary) the important question is not am I okay!!! It's is my bike OKAY!!!!

So anyhow I get the whole show...3 cop cars, 3 ambulances, and 1 big firetruck! Lucky me the accident happened across from the house I used to live in...so my old neighbor heard all the commotion and came out to see what was up...he recognizes me sitting on the ground and comes over to well back me up on how old I am...Yes I am 21 for the 12th time...the paremedics and cops did not believe me cause apparently I don't look 18. So one of the pareamedics finally throws some attitude for me and tells the police oficer who is scanning through an emense list of everything he can write me up for, she says she is 21 so she must be 21 right...(I did not have my wallet with me *oops*, after all it was only supposed to be a 5 minute ride) So I give the police officer my drivers liscence number, yes after hitting my head and completely toasting my helmet, i could still remeber my drivers liscence number! Go ME! Well the cop doesn't belive that it's my real drivers liscence number, cause where my middle initail is supposed to be there is an asterisk, don't know why its just the way they gave it to me. Sp apparently I'm no longer Noelle Jeanne Maxwell, cause it must be a fake ID! While I'm answering questions as to what hurts my old neighbor is consulting with the police officer who is now obligated to write me a ticket cause the whole parade is at the scene. Thank you neighbor Eric, "She's a good kid, goes to Gonzaga University, studies hard....", yeah you know. So I'm lucky I get an $81 ticket for an ORV violation, which is way better than a whoppin $2000 ticket. eek:eek: So my neighber is super nice and saves me a trip in the ambulance and drives me to the ER, where my friends call my cell phone...at least I had a cell phone, and was wearing my helmet!!! They come to the ER and my neighbor can now go home to his wife and kids, but see its all good, cause he understands...he used to race motorcycles. :)

Now if I was wearing a long sleeve shirt instead of a tanktop, and wearing my chest protector I don't think my back would look like a spotted leapord. So I will have some permanent war wounds, and I nice little scar on my chin, but I do truely believe that my helmet saved my head from becomming brain matter across that asphalt. So if ya want a good motocross helmet, HJC ones really do work!

So I am still gimpy, 3 weeks later I still can't rotate my right arm to see the palm of my hand...I can see the top of my thumb; but missing another 90 degrees of rotation. I go see an arm specialist tomorrow...my physical therapist know believes I have a hairline fracture in my right elbow...but I still have one more day before they say I'm broken. :) I will not be broken I say! I just wanna ride my bike again thats all.

So to answer the important question...my bike is still in good shape, just bent the handle bars a bit...everything else is okay, hardly a scratch in it. :) So now that I can't ride I can spend money to tweak out my bike right.. :) Oh and I have these new killer boots that Kiwi sold me that I can't wear yet cause I goofed up my arm...so I think I'll wear 'em around the house...maybe they will have special healing powers so I get better faster! ;)


Chat Mom
Feb 8, 2000
OMG! Glad to hear you're relatively okay. Sounds like it could have been much worse. So what happened? How/why did you go over the bars? Did you hit a bump, cat run out in front of you, Kiwi was there in his underwear? :confused:
Welcome back by the way. :)


Jan 30, 2000
Aaackkk!!!!!! Impressive!!! The practice/testing/quick ride crash should be prepared for just like the REAL crash. Wish I'd learnt that lesson the easy/less embarrassing way too. Bummer about the ticket.

Hope you heal up OK and congrats on the new scars!


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Oct 23, 2000
Hey there, we can be gimps together! I am working on a copy of all the outdoor nationals on tape for you. Hope you heal up quick. Check your email. :)


Jan 27, 2000
OUCH! Dirtygirly, it hurt just to read that.:scream:

It seems like it is always that short little road test that gets everyone. Like Kiwi said, dress for the worst. Be very careful with your injuries. Road-rash is not fun. It is a lot like a burn and can become infected very easily. I'm sure your Doctor has already told you that, but in case he/she didn't, be sure to keep them clean.
Also, if your injuries are still fresh, there is a magic ointment called 'Neosporin" available at your local drug store. This stuff makes a incredible difference in healing time. Keep it on your scabs constantly to keep them soft and you won't get near as much scarring.

And we ALL want to know, what caused you to go over the bars?

Good luck.


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
Dirtygirl - I'm guessing that you're not gonna get a streetbike any time soon, huh? :confused:

What a story - glad you walked away from it all, though, and you're okay!! That had to have been so scary!! I'd stay in the dirt in the future... pavement... forget it!! Glad you were wearing a helmet... that could have been your last dirtbike ride it you weren't. And you were in a tank top :eek: You're nuts girl! I won't put around the yard without a chest protector and long sleeved shirt! Well - hope you and "stinker" can have some "less dangerous" fun in the near future! Heal up soon!


Mar 20, 2001

Sorry to hear 'bout the whole thing, but be sure and get your helmet checked, or just replaced period. It's pretty likely it suffered some good smacks to the cement while you were goofing off doing somersaults ;)


Feb 28, 2000
Well it's official, as of yesterday I was told that I have fractured my radial something or other in my right elbow...and have a grade two tear in my right shoulder. Fun, Fun, guess that's why I can't rotate my arm and still hurt. :confused:

Neosporin is great! I still might have a little scar on my chin but I'm pretty lucky if that's the only one really visible, the rest are mostly on my back...And I will definitely get a new helmet! You can see the stress fractures on it by just looking at it. Guess it took a pretty hard hit.

I'm still not completely sure how I took my flying lesson. One of my friends, dad's friend (geez that sounds weird), anyhow they just so happen to be a motorcycle mechanic in Idaho is checking it out for me. He said something about my front brakes getting to hot causing them to lock up or something...hmm but I still wonder how much of it was rider error. I didn't hit a single thing, except me and asphalt. No little doggies or stray cats. I did learn that dirt is a more forgiving surface to fall on that's for sure. And I still do want that street bike...someday ;)

And next time I will have to test ride stinker out at Mica :)


Sep 15, 2000
Glad to hear your ok, I guess you won't be taking anymore "5 minute" rides eh?

Note to self: I wonder if I would look sexy in a tank top....

:p :p

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