My wife hates riding, but she loves me anyways!


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Jul 16, 2000
I would like all of the women on this board to read this. I don't want anyone to misread, or take this the wrong way, so I'll tell you now, this is in praise of my wife. And if it wasn't for her, I might not be standing here today.

Last Saturday at a MX, I had a wreak and messed up my back pretty good. Thank God, there is no nerve damage. Not really a big deal, I'm sure people have broke their back worse, but their are a couple of bones towards the bottom of your back (kinda like ribs), and these are the bones I broke. Sorry I can't be more specific, but the Dr. was explaining it, just as the Morphine was being put in my IV . And I was too happy to get out of there 2 days later too ask any questions (I'm the kind that just loathes hospitals). But the scary part came at the track, when my body quit rolling and I was lying there face down in the dirt with terrible pain. I couldn't move my legs WHAT (I'm sitting here telling myself) this isn't hapining to me. This was the 2nd moto, 60 seconds ago I was reassuring my wife nothing was going to happen, I wasn't going to ride over my head, and that I wouldn't get hurt. Now I'm sitting hear laying on the ground and I can't move my legs It was weird, because my wife and those reassurances I gave her, were all I could think of. It took me about 60 seconds before I could move my legs (I was trying to stand before my wife got to where I was laying), my wife was screaming to me, with tears flowing out her eyes, (while the EMT's held her back) asking in her own way (that only I would understand) if I was going to be alright. Now there is probably some Medical explanation for why or how I started feeling my legs and was able to get up, but I know in my heart it was because of my wife. I saw the hurt I was going thru right then, was also in her heart (I could see it in her eyes). I knew right then, that I didn't want her (or my son) to take care of me in that way. I had also made a promise to her 60 seconds ago. You see, my wife hates motorcycles, not just a dislike, I mean really hates them. But being the kind, unselfish, person she is, she tolerates them because of the passion I have for them. She was there at the track to support me, but didn't watch the 1st moto (because she didn't want to see me get hurt). So I promised her that if she would watch the 2nd, I wouldn't push it (which I didn't), wouldn't rail it (which I didn't), and wouldn't get hurt (I already know this was stupid to say, so don't flame me). So she did, and look at what I forced her to witness, her husband getting to lay there paralized. Now don't get me wrong, the EMTs took some convincing to let me move, and also helped me to my arse, and get up (thanxs guys), but I had to because she was about to make her way around the 2 corner workers who were holding her back .But I did make it from laying there, to sitting, and eventually to standing, because of her. So Leslie thank you. I love you. And I can never repay you



Jan 17, 2001
Wow!! Glad to hear you are ok! Love works in very mysterious ways and is very powerful medicine! It is also quite refreshing to hear a man, on the internet no doubt, talk in such a loving way about his wife! You have a very special relationship and should cherish it always!


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Oct 26, 1999
Craig, glad you're okay. Must have been scarey for the both of you. And I agree, you have a special relationship :)
Take care and heal quickly.


Sep 6, 2000
Having read your posting at the general discussions and then now here,your story never fails to amaze me :)
it feels like reading a 'chicken soup for the soul' story

You have an amazing wife i must say, shld b glad you've found her.
All the best and speedy recovery :)


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Oct 27, 2000
Having read your posting at the general discussions and then now here,your story never fails to amaze me

I feel the same way. That truly is love right there.


Dec 18, 2000

Good story but, please for the sake of everyone's health. If you have pain, limited or no feeling in your lower extremities. DO NOT try to move. Wraith was VERY lucky, he could have created spinal cord damage by moving.

Hope you have a speedy recovery:)



Jun 16, 1999
Wow it sounds like you got a winner when you married your wife. I also broke my lower back in 1983 in 2 diff places same kind of break, it was kinda scary as well, thank God I was not married at the time. I am so glad your okay, maybe for your wife you should take up cross country wich is much safer. I love motocross, but if you go down there is a good chance you can get run over. I raced for 6 years and quit for my Father. I now race cross country and wich is safer for me. anyway I hope you get better soon. remember it is very important that when you get better you do back exersizes from then on, or it will always bother you. :D
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