Dec 2, 2002
Looking for second bike in open class which is 126cc and above and do not want to spend more than £2000.
These are my options ;
CR 250 upto 2000
KX 250 upto 2000
YZ 400 1998/99 maybe at a push
CR 500 upto 2000
Please tell me the best options and why . Thank you :think:


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May 27, 2000
Assuming you're neither really big/strong nor really small/short, then my two pesos' worth:

1. Either a 2000 CR250 or a KX250 that's in very good shape. Essentially equal bikes, plenty of power, good handling and suspension. Buy based on condition, accessories, etc. Do NOT get a CR w/ the aluminum frame from any of the years before '00!

2. CR500 if you like rocketships, have the strength and ability to hang onto one, want a low-maintenance bike and absolutely MUST have the holeshot.

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