Jun 10, 2007
Try to include the following info in your first post
1) I am 5”10. 130 pounds. And I am 15 years old
2) I am pretty fit I lift weights. Pretty aggressive.
3) I will be riding woods dirt road fields with friends. And will probly go to the track here and then.
4)yes I do I ride my friends Honda 250, and my brothers Honda 100 quite a bit. I can pull wellies and stuff like that and hit some jumps.
5) I might race not sure) yes I do my own work on my bike
7) well I was thinking Honda, the crf250x but not to sure. No clue if I should get a 2 or 4 stroke.
8) pretty much every deler and every bran around me
9) I will spend as much as I need
10) I live in Canada
11) I am 15
12) yess, I want a bike that has lots of tork and power and some what lite. My name is mike.

This info won't guarentee a perfect bike choice but it will sure stear the answers you get closer to the ideal bike.
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