Need info from current Husqvarna CR 125 owners

Feb 25, 2001
I am possible moving to a husky CR 125 for next years motocross season. For anyone who owns a 2001 cr 125 please let me know how the bike preforms . Does it have any power
problems . Are the parts hard to come by and are they more expensive ? I know they have a VERY good contingency program for my racing series. Is there any bad points about this bike and just if you have any feeling about this bike or how it compares to other bikes please let me know. From what I can tell I have watched this bike perform on the track just like any other 2-smoke other than the fact that not alot of racers ride this machine that draws me closer to this manufacter to be Unique.


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Nov 14, 2000
I don't own one but as many other companies that are small compared to the japs There parts come more expensive and more reliable. Better quality you will problay see in this bike. Just becuase steve lamson switched from honda to husky doesn't mean you have to. They worked that bike to make it powerful. Just to let you know It is the heavy weight of the 125 class. It is also Under powered compared to other 125's. You are better off getting another jap bike becuase normally they come competitive stock. Fast by Faccari( Is that spelt Right? ) Did alot of work and so has lamson. as the story goes "The rider makes the bike not the bike makes the man" I hope I have helped a little bit.

If I where you I would get a KTM if you are stuck on euro Brands.

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Nov 14, 2000
Ya but you can also get the all the parts the factory team use's on thier bikes. Just check out the whats new section on husky's website. did a test on the 2000 which is the best one i've seen so far.


Aug 2, 2000
My son is racing a new 125 CR Husky in the 200 B hare scrambles class. He has raced it twice with a first and second place finish.

Under powered and heavy weight??? I don’t think so. He’s racing against all of the Jap 125’s, the KTM, GasGas, and Kaw 200’s and seems to be doing ok.

For years Husky and KTM’s were the bikes to have but then they kind of stepped away from newer technology and faded out of sight. KTM has certainly stepped back up and it appears that Husky is doing the same thing.


Oct 31, 2000
I don't have a CR but I can give you an opinion on a 2001 WR 125 - more or less the same bike. So far I'm very pleased with it. I haven't had a lot of riding time on the thing yet but so far so good. Even in enduro trim the engine makes great power, about the same as my 98 YZ 125 but with more bottom end. The only mods so far are a Doma pipe, higher bend bars and a cr wiring loom. It feels super stable at speed and agile in the tighter stuff. The build quality is better than I've ever seen on a jap bike. The components are top gear: braided hoses, nissin/brembo brakes, marzocci forks, quick adj clutch. It's a joy to work on as well. The seat unclips by hand and by removing one bolt you can take off the tank (complete with shrouds) in seconds. You can get the carb out easily without taking off the subframe. UFO make after market plastic and spares are not too far off japanese prices. A season of racing will be a proper test, but so far I love it.


Feb 20, 2001
CRGuy you better look at the euro bike again. I have 99 wr250 husky and no complaints. The quality is far better than the jap bikes IMO.The prices on parts are right in line with the jap bikes.

99 Husky WR250
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May 11, 2000
Preston has just won the 125 Houston SX, on a Husky CR 125.Shows how how good the bike is. I had one for a short time at end of last year great bike.But I prefer 4 stroke power.


Mar 28, 2001
I race my '99 Husky CR125 in vet class against all other brands and sizes.I've only ridden dirt bikes for about 6yrs and raced for the last 4yrs.I'm putting it on the podium,and I don't think it's down on power.The parts have been available so far.I recently installed a Wiseco pro-lite piston kit and Pro Circuit pipe w/silencer.The bike rips.

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