May 29, 2007
i am getting a 2005 kawasaki kx 125 and i was wondering what i could do to make it a little better on the trails but not take away its track capabilities. I wont be racing.


Dude Guy Bub
Damn Yankees
Mar 31, 2007
Maybe an aftermarket fly wheel weight to make the power more controlable in the woods. A new pipe that would help with more bottom end. Some examples might be a FMF gnarly or FMF fatty. You could always put some serious money into the engine and go to eric gorr and get the engine ported for torque. Basicaly if you modify the engine always make sure that you can get more bottom end out of it for woods and tight trails it will come in handy quite often. Skid plates, handgards,aftermarket handlebars, plusher seat, a set of tires of choice for your terrain, all the little things add up and you should be able to ride the trails easir and more comfortably in no time.


May 10, 2007
As Cman said, get it ported for low end. It wont cost as much as that FMF pipe and silencer. Also some dual stage reeds, which should be less than 50 bucks.
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