Jun 15, 2002
So I finally got a chance to take my new YZ out yesterday for my first real ride. Keep in mind before this ride I have ridden a dirtbike for no more then 1 hour in my entire life. I am used to riding my street bike at road racing tracks. So I thought riding a dirtbike was going to be a lot easier but I soon found out riding a dirt bike is nothing like a street bike.

One of the guys I work with took me too these really technical trails that had everything from whoops, small jumps, hill climbs, really tight like 3 feet wide forest trails, and being it rained all morning massive puddles, some that came up almost to my bikes seat.

He has been riding since he was young and was not taking it easy on me. I did not ride over my head and at my own pace. I was able to keep him in my sights most of the time but some other times he cleared off. Mostly over the whoops...gotta figure those things out. Over all though, I think I did pretty good. I did fall a few times but I quickly found out dropping a dirtbike is nothing like a sportbike. With a dirtbike you just pick it up, look it over, and kick start then keep riding. With a sportbike you start counting in your head the price those fairings are going to cost. ;)

But yeah...with out making this too winded. Too all those dirt riders, I give ya tons of credit. Also gotta say, I had a awesome time and can not wait to get back out there! Well...once my body is healed up and I get a new clutch lever for the one I bent :)

PS - Any advice for a new dirt rider is welcome. I orderd the Skill 2 DVD so hoping that will shed some light on some things.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Welcome to a great sport! I've been riding over 30 years and still can't get enough.

BTW, a good set of barkbusters will save your levers in a fall, as well as keep your hands protected from trees, branches and bushes.


Jun 9, 2004
dirt bike dave said:
BTW, a good set of barkbusters will save your levers in a fall, as well as keep your hands protected from trees, branches and bushes.

What he said. A set of Cycra ProBends saved me countless levers.

I'm also a roadracer turned dirt junkie and one thing I had to get used to was using the rear brake a lot more than I was used to using it. Most roadracers could remove the rear brake pedal and never miss it. That won't work in the dirt.


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Jul 3, 1999
Congrats on the new bike and the new obsession :cool:


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Oct 28, 2001
Welcome aboard :cool:

Loosen your perchess so when you fall, hopefully they will spin.. Also, move them in more towards the center of the handlebars, this does 2 things. Gives you more leverage and keeps the end of the lever protected by the handlebar.. Best of all, its free too do :cool:


Nov 7, 2000
Welcome to the dirt side of motorcycling. Experienced riders tend to abuse the new guys a bit. Test the metal so to speak. It get easier, but never stops being fun. Bark busters are a must.

really tight like 3 feet wide forest trails

Dude those were the easy trails! :yikes: 3 ft. wide like a 4 wheeler trail :laugh: They do get more narrow. Most of our stuff is new trail so it realy narrow, but once we hold a race on it there will be berm whoops and it will be about 2 ft. wide.


Mar 11, 2006
Cool man, welcome to the ride. I remember my fisrt trail, it was all rooty and I had to get on the throttle a lot because the trails where I go are pretty steep.
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