May 16, 2001
I have had my non-modified 97 KDX220 for almost 4 years and would like to get a new KDX but not sure this time on which one to get. 200 vs 220. I am a much better rider than when I started and don't need the bottom end the 220 has and would like more top end that I think the 200 has. I don't know anyone that has a stock Kdx 200 to compare with my Kdx 220 and would value your input on this subject. I would leave the 200 stock except for an o-ring chain. I feel like my 220 just doesn't have the top end rev I would like to have. Thanks


May 3, 2001
I don't think the kdx's have changed at all since '97. It would be much,much,much cheaper to keep your bike then to spend all that cash on a new one. With a few easy, fairly inexpensive mods(fmf rev,tcII,reeds,jetting), and a top end rebuild your bike should gain loads of top end without losing any of that great 220 low end. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I may be), but a 220 with the above mods should pull harder up top than a stock 200 (I said stock 200, I don't want to start a war). I also have a '97 220 that has been stock since I bought it in '97, with the exception of heavier springs, air box mods, and renthal bars. Right now my top end is torn apart waiting on a backordered weisco piston. When it goes back together(hopefully the mid of next week) it will get a fmf rev,tc II,boyesen reeds, and proper jetting. I let you know what I think (for whatever thats worth). From what I've learned on this site I should be pretty pleased.
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Jun 7, 1999
Maybe, this isn't the thing to say in the sacred land of KDX, but since you have improved your riding skills, here's my suggestion- strongly consider the move up to something more advanced, such as Kaboom, Gas&Gas, or Jap 250 motobike. I rode my green science project for a long time and had it working very well all things considered, but it does not even hold a candle to my RM250 in 95% of the situations. The KDX chassis is great for casual use, and very good for fairly quick paced riding. However, once the speed gets intense, the KDX will get waaay scarey. Keep in mind this one stern warning, though- the extra power is not for everyone; it can be a handful at times. :eek:


May 17, 2000
If you want to keep your 220 and make it REV!! then you should change a few things. Have the carb bored, install a rev pipe,modify the airbox and rejet. This shouldn't cost more than $350.00. If the top end is stock then replace it with a Weisco. Just follow the steps on http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/ and your 220 will scream.

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
I f you like your KDX220 but want more power out of it the solution is as simple as removing two bolts. Install an FMF GK-30 rev pipe and off you go. You won’t believe it’s the same bike and you’ll be making WAY more power than a stock 200. Start with just the pipe and take it from there.

A 2001 KDX220/200 is going to be exactly the same as what you have now.

Check out www.justkdx.dirtrider.net click on tech tips then hop-up guide for more details.
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