MARK # 51

Apr 18, 2000
i didnt know they had started to make them again. i had a 1998 320 motocrosser. it handled good and was suspended surprisingly well, but the power was all low end and it had to be very short shifted. it fell flat on its face if the rpm's got up at all. the kick start shaft broke off in the side of the case before i ever got to ride it, and i had to wait four months to get another one. no matter how much you are willing to pay or how much you beg, these people in the netherlands will not get anything done in any kind of timely matter. they shut down entire factories for weeks at a time to go on vacation. after begging for my part for months, and telling them to put it on a fedex flight to the u.s. and that i would pay for it (even gave them the acct. number), they put the only part in the world on a slow boat to the u.s. they couldnt understand why i would want to pay $30.00 more to get the part several weeks sooner. they decided for me that i should save that money.

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