New to me 04 CR450F, what to do????


May 30, 2007

I just bought a second hand CR450F and am wondering what things maintenance wise I should do to it? The bike is in great shape starts 1 or 2nd kick everytime cold(knock on woood) and pulls like a freight train. No noticeable noises that I can hear. I would just like to start off with this bike knowing I am not missing anything the other guy might have. Although in speaking to him he did seem to take great care. He mentioned to me he changed the oil and filter after two rides everytime and uses synthetic oil. Seems like alot to change the oil don't it?


Rich Rohrich

Moderator / BioHazard
Jul 27, 1999
You made no mention of the previous owner replaing anything, so here's the bad news.

On a 4 year old bike that was ridden consistently it's likely due for new valves, new valve springs, valve seals, a valve job, piston and rings, a cam chain tensioner, waterpump shaft, water pump bearings and the shaft seals. These are all standard high wear items on the CRF 450s.

Other things to look for are wear on the exhaust rocker roller, rusted steering head bearings (very common), and the common high wear items like linkage bearings and wheel bearings.

Changing oil every couple of rides is common, and a good practice. The sump is very small on these engines and as a result they hold very little oil, so changing it regularly is a very good idea. Checking the oil level every ride is important as well.

It's a great bike, that you are bound to really enjoy.
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