Apr 28, 2007
Hello everyone, Iamb new here (obviously). I am 15 years old, about 6' tall, 145 lbs. I've been riding for about 8 years now. I started out on a KTM 65 SX ,this is where i learned all the basics of riding ( jumbing, cornering, double clutch etc) as time progressed on I moved up to a KX 85. This was my local race bike. Here in the Cayman Islands we have no track that we can go too ride. So we make do with big open pieces of land. I have started to build a track in my back yard. Anyway, on my KX is where i learned to race and be one with the bike. It is where i learned that no matter what type or size bike you have all depends on the skill and natural ability of the rider.....Well after a while i outgrew it. And now , i have been bikeless for about 1 year... I decided (1 year ago) that my country wasn't offering enough oppourtunitites for me. So i decided to sell my bike and buy somehting that was popular on the Cayman Islands ( stupid mistake i know). A waverunner. As i learned, they are no where as fun as a Dirt bike. Now i am dying to get back a bike. Sorry for this being so long
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